Hi, I’m Sara! Animal lover, burrito enthusiast, adventure seeker, inefficiency slayer.

I’m currently on a 3 month trip exploring Europe. Join my adventures and interact with tips, suggestions, and must-sees! 

I hail from: Bay Area | California | USA


Bone Voyage!



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  1. Hi do you know the owner Pablo that used to have this site.? I bought a yorkie from him and I’m wondering if he still sells them if you know him


    • Hi Angela, I don’t know Pablo or have any connection to the previous site. I’m a huge fan of adopting dogs though! We just adopted a dog and feel like we won the lottery. 🙂

      I encourage you to check out local adoption agencies in your area! I’m sure there are many Yorkies just waiting for their forever home. ❤️🐾

      Happy puppy-ing,


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