Testing, one… two… three…

Welcome friends! This is my first post on Bone Voyage, a blog chronicling my global and domestic adventures. Warning: I have no prior blogging experience but I do know people like adorable animals, so it’s safe to say I’ll offer those pretty frequently (am I doing it right?!)

Quickly, allow me to explain the domain name.

  1. Around the holidays, I decided–for NO good reason–to repeatedly say, “I need a puppy dot com” to Ted. We’ve really been wanting a dog for a while and I was reaching my puppy-less limit.
  2. I kept saying it and it became a running joke in our house.
  3. Ted surprised me with the domain name as a Christmas gift and here we are.

Eventually, I think a section of this website will aggregate super adorable Bay Area animals looking to be adopted into their forever homes.


In the meantime…
Ted and I are gearing up for the trip of a lifetime. Before we settle down and start seriously thinking about putting down roots, getting a dog, another human, etc., we’re doing a multi-month backpacking trip around Europe. We’re both SO lucky to have a supportive network both personally  and professionally, allowing us to press pause on reality with so much to look forward to when we return.

This blog is our life from my perspective but if you’d like to follow Ted, head over to his website, “Old Man Lifestyle“.

Please comment, email, etc. if you have suggestions on activities, adventures, food, and the like during our travels.

Bone Voyage,



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  1. Stephanie Williams March 31, 2016 — 1:39 am

    When you get back you should look into being a ROVER sitter. It has really helped me learn what type of dogs I like better than others and what size I prefer when that time comes to down to getting our own too. Anyways enough about stuff to do when you get home! Here are things for when you go to Salzburg, Austria!

    If you want a good Irish Bar go to Omalley’s ( i know weird right? In an Austrian country? Trust me I spent a lot of time in that bar when I studied abroad. Sara you may like a “snake bite”. It’s delicious!

    Bier Halls you must check out ( don’t worry i’ll get to the non-drinking things soon).
    Augustiner Bräu (oldest in Salzburg) http://www.augustinerbier.at/?id=5&L=1
    And Stiegl Brewery: http://www.salzburg.info/en/gastronomy/salzburg_beer_culture/breweries/stiegl

    Ok now for the non-alcohol must dos…

    -Mirabell Palace ( this was in the sound of music)
    -Sound of music tour if you want to get cheesy
    -Salt Mines: http://www.viator.com/Salzburg-attractions/Salzburg-Salt-Mines-Salzkammergut-tours-tickets/d451-a63?pref=02
    -Eagles Nest: A must! Also while you are there you can get lunch in Berchtesgaden before or after going up.: http://www.eagles-nest-tours.com/EN/eagles-nest-tours/index.php?navid=2
    Hellbrunn Palace
    Hohensalzburg Fortress ( Castle at the top of the hill)
    Soccer Game at Red Bull Arena ( you can take public transportation)
    Alt Stadt ( Old City)- part that is closest to the fortress

    After I wrote all this down i realize you may not be going to Salzburg ( not sure why I was convinced you were) but maybe this will convince you to go if you were on the fence 🙂

    P.S this is where I lived when I was there: http://www.st-sebastian-salzburg.at/

    Miss you and safe travels you two 🙂


    • Thanks, Steph!!! We’re most definitely going to Salzburg (5 ish days I think) and will use this list in our travels!! Salzburg is one of the spots I’m most excited for because of your connection to the city! I also think we’ll shoot for a day trip to Hallstatt in there… Yay or nay?

      Also, interesting suggestion on ROVER! We’ll definitely check that out, too! The more dogs in my life, the better. ❤️

      If you feel like coming out to Salzburg and being our personal tour guide, let me know! There’s plenty of room for you guys in our AirBnB. 😉

      Miss you!!


  2. Steve just gave me this site – AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing your adventures – both in Europe, and the whole… getting a puppy, baby, etc…. you both are my favorites. Enjoy your trip!



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